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A morning meditation that will take little time and take you on a vacation too!

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As I continue to produce a series of guided meditations that will eventually be available with sound. I wanted share this one. As we continue to endure a brutally harsh winter here in the northeast this uplifted me this morning and I hope it does for you too!
Sit with your back in an upright position
Close your eyes
Listen to the ocean in your mind mentally hear the waves gently breaking the shore of your consciousness
Breathe in the fresh smell of the ocean air and hear the seagulls
Sing sweetly
Immerse yourself completely in the quiet powerful calm of the healing and detoxifying energy of the ocean.
Breath deeply In and out
Then Begin mentally to walk into the ocean
Slowly and calmly feeling the warmth and gentle touch of the waters grace
Feel the sand wiggling freely beneath your feet
Then when you feel relaxed and completely free of the heavy weight in your body
Dive with great joy and courage into the depths of the ocean
Feel the cool and refreshing touch of the sea salt water
Caressing your skin and replenishing your soul
Now gently bring your body onto it’s back and float upon the top of the water allowing it to fully support you and your body
Be here and breath
Feel the energy you are made of
Allow the current to guide you and lead you deeper into your souls awakening.
You are one with the ocean it’s force it’s peace and it’s beauty
Connect with this vibration whenever your energy is depleted
As you come back to consciousness
Thank the ocean and it’s life for it’s bounty and bless the energy it’s made of as you do you will assist it in elevating it’s frequency along with yours.

Sometimes you just gotta have some fun so go ahead and unleash your inner happy!

January 14, 2015 Leave a comment

One of the most consistent mistakes that we all make is that we work to hard! Even when we are in the pursuit of our dreams we work very hard to achieve them and what’s left is very little time to play! We all have an inner child to attend to and that we all to often neglect!
My daughter said to me just yesterday that she wished she could have more play time in school!
We are naturally wired human beings who from birth through our childhood are meant to live joy , have fun and create! It’s in a childs natural state to desire this and of course recieve love. So why is it then as we grow older we tend to forget that having fun is our human right? We feel guilty about playing hooky and heading to a movie.
Seriously when was the last time you went to the park and took a simple ride on the swing set? Do it and see how much joy it brings and how much fun it is to feel like a kid again! One of my favorite things to do to have fun is to go sledding with my daughter, getting on the sled and barreling down the hill screaming all the way down brings me right back to my child hood and feels amazing afterwards.
Often when we are stuck in life or are feeling depressed having a bit of fun is exactly what we should do to attend to our innerchild. What is my inner child you might be asking your self?
Our inner child is the purest part of our being that lies closely within our hearts and memories kind of like a first love. It is the essential part of our spirit that remains uncluttered and free. Sometimes do to trauma in childhood it can be hurt and when this occurs you must as an adult take steps to nurture this part of yourself so you can live a free life filled with all the love you deserve. Our inner child represents the purity of our spirit and when it is consistently nurtured you will begin to emote an energy that people will automatically be drawn to. Quite the same as when you are drawn to the innocence of a child or baby.
So whatever it is that you love to do to play and have fun start buy making the commitment to do this for yourself on a regular basis as long as it doesn’t require an excessive amount of alcohol, eating or shopping! . When you give yourself the chance to laugh, be joyous and play you will energetically un block the things in your life that aren’t working because you are giving the life force an opportunity to run freely through your mind body and spirit.
And if playing with your makeup is what you love to do then go ahead and give yourself the smokey eye you’ve always wanted to! The point is you just gotta have some fun! #artbystephaniaparent

Unleash a sexy smokey eye like never before!

Unleash a sexy smokey eye like never before!

Fruitful from the inside out!!

December 1, 2014 Leave a comment

The holiday season is upon us and with it comes a a bustle of energy jam packed with fiery emotions and obligations. We wrestle with an over abundance of things to do and people to see! It can be a very stressful time for many. So my plan is to nurture my inside first then deal with the rest of it all on the outside. The pomegranate has been a significant spiritual symbol throughout history in many of all the worlds religions signifying many wonderful symbolisms such as joy, abundance , unity and love. The other amazing thing about this beautiful fruit is that it provides many powerful healing aids to the body and skin. It has been said that a glass of pomegranate juice per day can significantly reduce stress and prevent heart disease. With all the vitamin E in the precious pomegranate your skin will thank you too for it also helps reduce the signs of aging. So every morning while I poor my glass I will affirm for myself a day filled with abundance, love, and joy. I will also drink to good health and maybe even dab a bit of that glorious red on my cheeks too!


Revitslize your step and your look with this one vibrant and everlasting color!

October 17, 2014 Leave a comment

Yesterday when I was on my way to a meeting , I had to make a brief stop in the pharmacy and as I was at the check out the lovely cashier complemented me on my bold and vibrant red lipstick. I responded by saying Thankyou and I added with out even thinking, that I always wear red lipstick this time of year. She looked at me as if I was a little crazy, so I felt compelled to explain my mild insanity to her, even though there was a line behind me! I explained that that first I am a bit of a beauty freak and second the color red makes me feel good and it’s always a great addition to my fall wardrobe. I couldn’t stop myself as I love to chat about two of my favorite things feeling good and looking good! So I continued by adding that the color Red is associated with the root chakra which helps keeps us grounded and it also adds vitality and energy into our auras giving us a feeling of renewed energy and ultimately joy! Suddenly her face had a smile on it and then I advised her to go and buy the Luster Matte long wear lip color from Sephora.

Hair and makeup by Stephania Parent

Get the hooked out of your eyebrows and find out how to unleash your inner beauty!

October 6, 2014 Leave a comment

It is one of the most common beauty mistakes that women make! Wearing an eyebrow shape with a fishhook at the inner eye. It came to my mind the other day when I was working with someone who had the fishhook and as I was explaining why it is wrong and how to correct it, I noticed that she wasn’t really open to receiving my opinion even though she asked. I began to think to myself that this woman could really use some meditation tips too and was it possible that subconsciously she was creating a smaller eye shape with the fish hook brow because subconsciously she doesn’t want to be open minded and receive? As I continued to ponder this I began to realize that indeed it is true! How we dress and wear our makeup and hair is intricately connected to how we are feeling on the inside thus the woman with the hooked shape brow really isn’t completely open to being her true self. So as you can see in the illustration below, shape your brows by tweezing away the hair at a 45 degree angle throughout the end of the fish hook to create an open line for the brow and while your at it you start a daily 15 minutes of breathing with your eyes closed focusing on the color indigo at the spot in between your two eyebrows. It’s called your third eye and when it is open you will become more intuitive and will allow you to truly feel the beauty you are made of.


20141006-142155.jpg illustration and art by Stephania Parent

It’s a golden time of year so time to brighten up your palette and feel the shimmer and shine!

September 24, 2014 Leave a comment

My favorite time of year is upon us and along with the changes of the season and all it’s beauty, the fall equinox also heralds upon us a time of transformation. Getting back into a routine with the kids in school after a long summer is filled with morning challenges to say the least. Have you been running late practically everyday like me? After doing a little reflection of my own, I wondered to my self why can’t I get it together on time these days? So I took a look through some of my old tips here on the blog then I realized I hadn’t been following my own advice! I fell a bit off track, not just with staying organized but doing what’s really important in keeping it all together. What did I learn from my old tips? Get up 30 minutes before the rest of the family, take 15 of those to meditate, drink my coffee in peace before the madness begins, and of course add a touch of brilliant copper and gold shimmer to my beauty palette for fall. So you see when change comes it can ruffle our feathers but all it takes is a moment to stop and reflect on what’s really going on!


True happiness lives inside us all! find out how to easily access the key to it daily.

August 13, 2014 Leave a comment

There has been alot in the news lately that has brought upon much sadness and weight onto us all. One of the things I do when I feel down is meditate and if I happen to be somewhere that will not allow me to zen out for 20  minutes I focus on a mental image of something that would make me feel happy. Envisioning myself on a tropical island or my daughters smile for example. Whatever it is that brings you joy is important in bringing into your mental sphere as often as you can. Constantly focusing on something that makes you feel joy will release important neurochemicals in the brain and will consistently assist you in warding off depression. Depression does not discriminate for know one is immune to its punishment. So take a few  important and precious minutes daily and bring on the happy into you! 

my digital tropical island!

my digital tropical island!



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