This week the universe gives us the sky and no limitations! For the week of Sept 18-sept 24 2917!

This week the universe has you painting the picture for yourself you want to create! The sky is the limit as far as the universe is concerned! This means that the possibilities for our success in every area of our lives is full and abundant. The one glitch for this week will be your thoughts. Negative thought patterns and fear are wreaking havoc in the collective right now and that means that despite your best efforts to stay positive you may be feeling as is life isn’t at all the way you want it to be. So why is this occurring? This energy I’m looking at reminds me of taking time to bake a cookie at home and you want a specific shape of cookie like a star or heart,in order to do that you need a mold in that specific shape, if you just sort of try and sculpt the cookie your self the edges of your cookie won’t be as smoothe as you’d like after you bake your cookie without the mold. This past week almost every one of my clients revealed that in fact there meditation practice was not going well and they couldn’t understand why they were feeling the way they were. Like baking the cookie without anchoring the dough into a shape you cannot continue to move forward and feel grounded and at peace without anchoring your physical mind and body with your source through the power of meditation. Don’t make the mistake of expecting a vision while meditating the purpose is to acquaint yourself with that powerful energy you are made of. Trust in that and allow the energy to guide you gently towards your highest and greatest good. Great colors for this week will be redand orange. Above all be very kind to yourself as you are one majestic beauty! Namaste beauty!

The sky is the limit this week and wear a power red!! #stephaniaparent photo by willisroberts


This weeks Universal energy forecast comes in as a speed of light! For the week of September 11-September 17 2017.

This week the universal energy may lift you right up and off your feet! There is a supersonic speed of unseen energy moving through this week and you may feel as if you need to hold on and catch your breath. This energy will manifest differently on an individual basis so whether you are running your self ragged with work or family commitments you may feel as if you are doing alot but this type of speedy energy will leave you poosibly feeling as if you arent accomplshing your goals either. The best way to counter this energy and create more balance in your life will be to slow down and breathe. Making meditation a priority this week will help you feel more realxed and less stressed. wearing red this week will help ground your energy too. Do not worry about this speedy energy coming in, for giving it that type of thought will not support your highest and greatest good. Instead breathe and remember you are one majestic beauty! Namaste beauty!

Connect with your inner buddha this week and slow doen and enjoy your breath! Art by Stephania

The Total Solar eclipse ushers in Super charged Energy and lifts us up to new heights! For the week of August 21-August 27 2017!

This week the energy gets super charged with a a rare planetary event called a Total Solar Eclipse! When you think of the moon covering the sun we may think of light and dark energy, however the moon and it’s energy really helps us to look within and dig deep into sometimes the dark part of our soul and get to know that which might make us feel emotional and sometimes even fearful. The Sun represents our Omni present and ever abundant light and that which we are truly made of. So when these two powerful forces merge together it can create quite a stirring of intense energy. From a metaphysical standpoint it truly represents a great opportunity to tap into a strong surge of energy that can assit you in releasing that which no longer serves you and it can propel you up to new heights in our own life. Choosing to meditate with this energy will help balance its intensity and deliver insigt into your own direction forward. This week will be an easy does kind of week, which means that receiving will be important and not acting to quickly on ideas will help too. This is a time of reflection and discernment and allow the sun and moon to

Laguna Beach, California #heavenand earth!

support you. Also don’t forget not to look at the eclipse without special eyewear. Enjoy this event, learn from it and above all let your inner beauty shine bright! Namaste Beauty.

This week your inner lion wants to come out and take charge! For the week of July 24-july 30 2017!

This week the universe wants to let you know that you are in control, in command and fierce! The energy is ushering in a strong vibration of power and this means that if you have been feeling that things are out of your control that, this is all but just and illusion! You are the master of your own inner and outer kingdom like our fierce lion above. This is the week to unleash your inner lion and Roar! Let the world know how strong and beautiful you really are. The power of positive thinking and aligning that with faith in your Omni present source is all that you need to see that all is really well and this will propel you forward to where you want to go and what you want to manifest. Take charge and reawaken that which your are made of which is your own unique beautiful power.Namaste Beauty!

Unleash your inner lions and roar this week! From my upcoming book #MasteringBeauty art by StephaniaParent

This weeks energy forecast brings a bit of unbalance to your life but no worries you’ve got all the answers! For the week of July 17-July 23 2017

Do you have big plans and a lot on your plate? Well this week the universe is showing me that the ethereal ground beneath you maybe moving very rapidly and that might leave you feeling unbalanced and not grounded! You will do very well to get outdoors and into nature this week. Allow Mother Earth to ground you and feel the stillness the earth can provide. If you can’t get out to nature bring nature inside! Buy some plants and herbs, listen to nature sounds and running water. Stabilizing the rush of energy this week will help you feel balanced and of course deep breathing and focusing on your breath through meditation will also increase your ability to calm down and balance yourself and the fast moving energy. Above all be very kind to

My beautiful daughter #chilaxin in nature!! #enjoy #motherearth
your self and remember you are one majestic beauty! Namaste Beauty!

This weeks energy forecast asks you to be the light worker you really are for the week of July 10-July 16 2017

This weeks energy forecast is downloading an expansive type of energy and the strongest part of this energy will actually come from inside of you! The universe wants to remind you of what an expansive being you really are and by envisioning yourself with an energy flowing from the inside of you outwards and exploding into the earthplane, you then begin to elevate the energy around you. Therefore any intense external energies that are roaming around the earth right now won’t negatively effect you as much as you strengthen this light around you through envisioning, praying and meditating. In practical terms it would be the same as literally opening a new door and walking through it! We have that much control over how we move through our lives with our conscious intention and faith. The best colors to wear this week will be white and rose gold! So shine your light and have a great week! Namaste Beauty!

Know that you are the light and that you take it with you everywhere! H&M by Stephania stylist @sarahparlow

This weeks divine guidance message brings in new creative beginnings! For the week of July 3- July 9 2017

This weeks divine guidance message ushers in an explosive creative energy that brings in the essence of new beginnings! This energy flowing through this week, (my favorite kind)! will inspire new ideas, a new feeling of hope and regeneration. You have free will where you would like to apply this positive creative energy. Aligning with it through meditation will help you heighten the strength of it and will support your intentions and ability to manifest! It’s a co-creating time with the universe, so it is very important to watch your thoughts and keep them positive and colorful! Best colors to wear this week will pink and blue and gold!

This explosive creative energy is flying through the universe! Grab on and let it take you with it! #artbystephania